Finding a great Covington Dentist

If you are looking for a covington dentist that can improve your appearance, consider a dentist that is an expert in dental implants. A missing tooth can ruin your appearance no matter how beautiful you are or what a great figure you have.

If you have a missing tooth that is noticeable when you smile, visit a covington dentist dentist to discuss the procedure to correct the problem. During your consultation, your dentist will explain the procedure that he uses. A titanium dental implant is inserted in the jaw bone that holds the replacement tooth securely in place. Titanium is the preferred implant material because it fuses to the jaw bone in a naturally occurring process called osseointegration.

Therefore this will permanently keep the tooth implant anchored. There are several steps to install an implant. Your dentist will examine and analyze your mouth using x-rays and CT scans. Then the implant will be surgically inserted in the jaw. In several weeks to months, osseointegration will take place. Once the fusion to the jaw is completed, the artificial tooth is attached. As time goes on, this procedure is becoming much more affordable. If you need to replace a missing tooth, do not hesitate to call a dentist in Covington for consultation.

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